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Laser Vein & Sclerotherapy Treatments

Most of us spend plenty of time in shorts and dresses here in Orange County. But if you are bothered by spider veins, you may spend more time covering up than showing off. At Bonakdar Institute, you can choose from among the most current methods of vein removal in Newport Beach. Using laser and radiofrequency technology, as well as sclerotherapy, we are able to treat both spider veins and facial veins with little or no significant side effects.

Let us help you feel confident and comfortable about your appearance again. Contact Bonakdar Institute to learn more about laser vein removal for Orange County and Newport Beach. Request a consultationRequest a consultation online, or call (949) 721-6000 to schedule your appointment.

Your Vein Treatment

Dr. Bonakdar uses the Lumenis® One™ Nd:YAG laser or Pellevé® radiofrequency device to treat broken capillaries and superficial vessels on the face and body. These devices work by converting energy to heat, which coagulates and seals the vessels being treated. The skin then gradually absorbs and removes the redundant vessels.

For leg veins, sclerotherapy may be a better option. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a concentrated solution directly into the target vein, causing it to seal shut. The blood flow is then routed away from the vein and the discoloration fades. In many cases, the spider vein disappears completely, but a few treatments may be necessary to achieve the results you're looking for.

Meet Monica Bonakdar, MD

Learn About the Bonakdar Advantage

What distinguishes Dr. Bonakdar from other cosmetic dermatology providers is her level of experience and unmatched results. When it comes to your treatment, there's strength in numbers. Check out how many treatments Dr. Bonakdar performs each year on average compared to other physicians.

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Procedures Performed Average dermatologist
or plastic surgeon
Intense Pulse Light/IPL 18 186
Laser Resurfacing 16 109
Laser Hair Removal 38 556
Vein Removal 6 74

Knowing What to Expect

During laser vein removal, no anesthesia is required prior to treatment. Instead, topical icing is used during the procedure to cool the vessel prior to each treatment pulse. Some of the vessels seal and disappear immediately, while others become bruised and take several weeks to heal. Treatments are repeated 4 – 6 weeks apart until your desired reduction is achieved.

Sclerotherapy can also be performed without anesthesia and usually takes under an hour, depending on the size and number of veins treated. The veins are first marked and then a thin needle is used to administer the sclerosing solution into the appropriate location. Compression stockings may be recommended to help collapse the veins after treatment. Usually, 3 – 5 sessions produce noticeable and long-lasting results.

Dr. Bonakdar specializes in cosmetic laser rejuvenation and uses laser technology for a variety of purposes. For patients who want legs that are smooth as well as free of spider veins, she may suggest laser hair removal or VASER® Shape cellulite treatment. For firmer skin that looks youthful, Dr. Bonakdar recommends Fraxel®.

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