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Letters to Dr. Bonakdar

Dear Dr. Bonakdar,
I am so grateful you’re my Doctor. Finding a skilled and gifted Cosmetic Surgeon is rare. Trust is the most important part of an aesthetic Doctor/ Patient relationship and is also rare. How wonderful that you encompass these and you’re a lot of fun to visit with too! Thank you for the kindness and wonderful care you’ve given me all these years. It was also very thoughtful of you to prescribe the Epi pen for me. I hope I never need it, but it’s a comfort to have. Thank you dear Dr. B, you’re the best, both professionally and personally.
Warmly, Tamara

Dear Dr. Bonakdar
I really enjoyed the mybody event. Firstly, you are always a wonderful hostess and every event of yours that I have attended is "first class". Not only are you one of the best known doctors in Newport, you are also a wonderful lady. You always treat me as a friend, not a patient. It shows that you love your work, because you have always made sure that I am satisfied with my outcome. Every one of my friends who I have referred to you, shares my feelings too. I just started using my “mybody” products, but I can already see results.
Thank you, Ruthie

Dr. B,
You are an incredible person and Physician. When I was in my twenties studying ballet, I worked for many Physicians (at Hoag Private Practice) and you have been hands down the best. You treat me like a human and you treat me as an equal. You are an amazing women in all you have accomplished. You are a great mom loving your sons and having a thriving practice, you are centered on them. And you are a lover of art! It has been a privilege to know you and be treated by you.
Love, Connie

Dear Dr. B.
My search for the right doctor is over. My search for the right black dress continues…
XoXo, Vickie

Dear Monica,
Thank you so much for your kindness. I truly appreciate your warm heart.
With my thanks, Aida

Dear Dr. B:
It has been a blast working for you at this beautiful office. We look forward to coming into work every day. Thank you for your kindness and pleasant work environment.
Love, Marti, Alex and Grace

Dear Dr. Bonakdar,
What would I do without you? Thank you so very much for all the “fixing up” you’ve done for me over the last 3 years. Your staff is wonderful.
Thank you again, Beth

Dr. B,
I would like to thank you for all of your business over the years. It is Dr’s like you that make my job so enjoyable!! To many more years of success.
Thanks, KC Flint, PSS Medical Supplies

Dear Monica,
We have shared so many moments and of course during all of them you have been my confidant. We have shared laughter and sadness, hope, and joy. Thank you for always being there for me not only as a doctor but mostly as my friend.
I love you, Chris.

Thank you so much for your kindness. It was such a pleasure to have met you.
I hope to see you very soon.

Dear Dr. Bonakdar,
I can’t thank you enough for rescuing me this weekend.
Coming into your office on a Sunday morning,  no other doctor would do that. Being able to call you on your cell phone gave me peace of mind. Thank you so very much
Sincerely, Shelley

Dear Dr. Bonakdar,
Thank you so much for treating my skin! I’ve been coming here for well over three years now, because I only trust your practice with my skin. All of your employees are lovely people who genuinely care about the clients. I look forward coming to your office. Thank you for treating my acne and for the ability to help me love my skin again!
Love, Lisa

Dear Monica Bonakdar,
Thank you for all your years of experience and knowing when I see you I’m getting the best of care.
Thank you, Jamie B

To everyone in Dr. Bonakdar’s office,
Just a quick note to say how enjoyable my experiences have been in your office. From the minute I walked in, to the minute I left. It has been a true joy.

Dr. Bonakdar,
You are wonderful, friendly, pretty, professional but above all a very loving, caring human being! Thanks for all your help!!

Dr. Bonakdar,
Thank you for all your help! Thank you for not giving up on me!! Let’s go shoe shopping.
Love, Vahi

Dr. Bonakdar,
Thank you for putting up with me. I am such a baby and scaredy cat. You’re the best love you to pieces.

Dear Dr. B:
I feel grateful for the good fortune finding a great doctor who has taken wonderful care of me. For this I say thank you and wish you a fabulous vacation next week.

Dr. B:
I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. The service you provide is impeccable. Your understanding of me as not only a patient but as a woman is evident in the results we have achieved. I’m so grateful!
Thank you, Kathryne

Dr. B.
Several years ago as my primary care doctor, you saved my life. I am so happy I found you again now you are saving my skin!! All blessings, Mifanwy

Dear Dr. Bonakdar:
Thank you very much for your time and Professionalism I really appreciate you doing the touch up for me at no charge.

Dear Dr. Bonakdar,
Thank you so much in helping me with my skin and treatments. Like you said I make your job interesting. Thank you so much
Sincerely, Jake

Thanks for leading me on the road to beautiful skin.

Dear Dr. B,
Thanks for all your help with my skin.
Love, Susan

Your focus and determination is inspiring. Amazing work
Love, Tammi

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