Body Contouring with Liposonix


Despite a healthy, active lifestyle, many people can still "pinch an inch" around their waist or midsection. This frustrating fat is often difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise, but it's usually not enough to justify liposuction. In Newport Beach, there's a better way to trim your waistline. It's not a surgical procedure. It's not a laser. It's not an injection. It's Liposonix – and its available now at the Bonakdar Institute.

An Alternative That Really Works

Watch this video and find out how Liposonix can add the final touches to your weight-loss efforts. Liposonix uses gentle yet powerful ultrasound energy to target unwanted fat below the surface.

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Dr. Bonakdar is constantly introducing new technology to her practice in order to provide you with the most up-to-date treatments available. With her experience, training and extreme attention-to-detail, you can expect long-lasting and satisfying results from your Liposonix procedure. To learn more in Newport Beach about this liposuction alternative, request a consultation online or call us at (949) 393-3433 to schedule an appointment.

Liposonix Treatment

Liposonix is a non-invasive form of fat reduction that uses focused ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. On average, this 1-hour treatment can help patients lose 1 pant or dress size after just 1 session.

The Liposonix procedure does not require incisions or general anesthesia. Instead, you may be given an oral medication to reduce the minor discomfort. As the Liposonix ultrasound device is directed at the unwanted fat tissue, you may feel a mild stinging sensation. However, thanks to Liposonix's Custom Contouring™ mechanism, the intensity of your treatment can be adjusted to accommodate your comfort level.

Before & After Photos

Photos courtesy of Liposonix®

Before Liposonix   After Liposonix

Before Liposonix Treatment


Results After Liposonix Treatment

Before Liposonix   After Liposonix

Before Liposonix Treatment


Results 90 Days After
Liposonix Treatment

After Treatment

You may experience mild soreness, redness, swelling or bruising, but these side effects are normally gone within 2 weeks. As your body gradually eliminates the treated fat cells, you will notice your clothes becoming looser as your waistline shrinks. Within 8 to 12 weeks, the final results from your Liposonix procedure will be visible. Although 1 treatment is generally enough to produce significant change, additional treatments may be needed for more dramatic improvement.

Explore Your Options

Liposonix is an excellent choice for sculpting your midsection; however, it will not help with cellulite. Dr. Bonakdar also offers various cellulite treatments to reduce the look of skin dimpling and provide a smoother body contour.